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A simple SharePoint 2010 workflow activity / workflow condition to check whether the user initiating the workflow is a member of a specified audience. This project contains a full-trust, farm-level .wsp solution, written in C# and Visual Studio 2010.

Once installed, the workflow activity can be used in SharePoint Designer 2010 declarative workflows.


From a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Management Shell:

SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

Add-SPSolution $pwd\


You can now create declarative workflows in SharePoint Designer 2010 using the “User is member of audience” condition:
"User is member of audience" condition

Next, fill in the name of the audience:

Filling in the name of the audience

Here is an example workflow step:

An example workflow step

In this example, we have created an audience in Central Admin called “Development Team”.

Audience creation in Central Admin

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